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We’re a reputable supplier of innovative, quality hidden spy cameras, electronics products, and surveillance equipment. And don’t just take our word for it, the ABC News Program 20/20 recommended us to millions of viewers around the world. And you don’t even have to believe them. Believe our warranty. Your system is covered with the best guarantee around — a comprehensive 1-Year Parts and Labor Guarantee.
You’ll find name brand equipment components (like Sony and Toshiba), and all of our products run on a powerful 2.4GHz frequency, not 900MHz. Beware buying from any company that sells equipment that runs on anything less. Due to increasing interference with 900MHz cordless phones and other electronic devices that utilize the over-crowded 900mhz frequency, we no longer sell 900MHz, and absolutely do not sell any 434mhz camera transmitters.

We are many times appreciative for your inspiring attitude and cooperation with you.

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We promise that every aspect of your shopping experience will be handled with the utmost discretion. No one will ever know what you’re ordering. All of our products are shipped discreetly from "ISS." (We are in the spy business after all.) And we will NEVER sell any personal information that you provide to us, down to your email address. We take your privacy very seriously. No one will ever contact you because you have spoken with us. Your name and personal info will NEVER be sold.
Call. Write. Email. We’re here to help.

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"This was far and beyond the best experience we ever had with the piece of mind we are getting through our home monitoring system. "
Rc.. Plano,

"We received a substantial effort and many valuable recommend-ations from your team. Their evaluation was very thorough and insightful."
Russel.. Dallas,

"Thank you for helping us on setting our Home Theatre System."
Mike.. Allen,

"Your on time service and technical support met our expectaion."
Shane.. Dallas,
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